Gu Zhaopeng (in Chinese: 顾照鹏)
Ph.D Student
Robot Vision Group
National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition (NLPR)
Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA)
Address: 95 Zhongguancun East Road, Beijing, China
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Tel : +86-10-6254 2946-8020
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Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences(Ph.D.) 

2008.9 - 2012.1

Harbin University of Science and Technology(M.S.)

2005.9 - 2008.1

Jilin University(B.S.)

1999.9 - 2003.7


Researh Interest

My research interest includes computer vision, vision-inertial integrated SLAM, Monocular SLAM, 3D reconstruction, UAV.

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Vision based Self-Localization Device of Indoor Service Robot.

Postdoc Project with Xrobot and PKUSZ.


High Accuracy Localization Technology and Integrated Localization Device (Collaborative Augmented Reality for Commercial Aircraft Design & Maintenance).

(863, No.2009AA012104)
2010.5 - 2011.8


Pervasive Interactive Digital Entertainment Technology and System

2008.9 - 2010.5



Real-time indoor environment 3D reconstruction with MS Kinect
(Demo1) (Demo2)


Pan Unit & Control based Indoor Kinect Reconstruction System.


Experiment System of Relational Database Theory & Acyclic Database Theory



[1] Gu Zhaopeng, Dong Qiulei, Hu Zhanyi. A robust realtime MonoSLAM.Chinese Journal of Computers. (accepted). (EI)(顾照鹏,董秋雷.一种实时鲁棒的单目视觉同步定位与地图创建方法.计算机学报(已录用)(EI)) (Demo1)(Demo2)
[2] Gu Zhaopeng, Dong Qiulei. Monocular SLAM Based on Partial IMU Information. Journal of Journal of Computer-Aided Design & Computer Graphics. (accepted). (EI)(顾照鹏,董秋雷,胡占义.基于部分惯性传感器信息的单目视觉同步定位与地图创建方法. 计算机辅助设计与图形学学报(已录用)(EI)) (Demo1)(Demo2)
[3] Qiulei Dong, Zhaopeng Gu, and Zhanyi Hu. Automatic real-time SLAM relocalisation based on a hierarchical bipartite graph model. Science in China. (accepted)(SCI)(Demo1)
[4] Hao Zhongxiao, Gu Zhaopeng. Research on Deciding a Database Schema Without Inside Conficts Meeting P3 and beta-Acyclicity[J]. Journal of Computer Research and Development. 2008, 45(6): 1056-1063. (EI)(郝忠孝,顾照鹏.无内部冲突数据库模式满足P3及无alpha环判定问题研究[J]. 计算机研究与发展. 2008,45(6): 1056-1063.(EI))
[5] Zhao Ling-Qiang, Gu Zhao-Peng, Hao Zhong-Xiao. Methods for Key-Based Conficts of Data Organization in Information Integrated Systems[C]. ICMLC2007, HongKong2007, 2:781-788. (EI)
[6] Zhao Lingqiang, Gu Zhaopeng, Hao Zhongxiao. Deciding Problem of Database Schema Meeting Ps and alpha-acyclic in Functional Dependency[J]. Computer Engineering, 2007, 33(01): 62- 64.(赵龄强,顾照鹏,郝忠孝. FD无内部冲突时的PEK且无alpha环模式分解. 计算机工程. 2008, 34(02):81-82,90.)
[7] Zhao Lingqiang, Hao Zhongxiao, Gu Zhaopeng. Research of Schema Decomposition Problem into Meeting Ps and Without alpha-cycle in Functional Dependency[J]. Computer Engineering, 2007, 33(09):76-78.(赵龄强,郝忠孝,顾照鹏. FD环境下满足Ps及无alpha环模式分解问题研究. 计算机工程. 2007, 33 (09):76-78.)
[8] Zhao Lingqiang, Gu Zhaopeng, Hao Zhongxiao. Model Decomposition of PEK Without alpha-Cycle When Functional Dependency Without Inside Conflict[J]. Computer Engineering. 2008, 34 (02): 81-82, 90.(赵龄强,顾照鹏,郝忠孝.数据库模式在FD环境下满足Ps及无alpha环判定问题. 计算机工程. 2007,33(01): 62-64.)


Calibration method of camera-IMU integrated localization device
Inventor: Dong Qiulei, Gu Zhaopeng, Hu Zhanyi
Application No.:201010591519.3

A smart phone based cleanning robot and guiding method.
Inventor:Gu Zhaopeng
Public No.: CN102866706A

Open Source Codes

OpenCV Based Extended Kalman Filter Frame

P3P(Perspective 3-Points) Solver