PostDoc Research

Gu Zhaopeng (in Chinese: 顾照鹏)
PostDoc Fellow
Open Lab on Human Robot Interaction (HRI)
School of Electronic and Computer Engineering(ECE)
Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School

Add: Room 103, Building G,
Peking University Campus,
Shenzhen University Town,
Nanshan DistrictShenzhen,
P.R.China P.C.:518055
Tel: +86 0775 2603 2274
Mobile: +86-18676688087
Email: guzp at, tonygu.casia at


Vision based Self-localization Device of Indoor Service Robot

Since 2013.4, I have been working in Peking Uninersity Shenzhen Graduate School as a postdoc fellow. My job is leading a team to develop a low cost vision-inertial localization device for the indoor service robot(e.g., robot vaccum).

Xrobot KV8 robot vaccum with our localization device


Algorithm research platform

(Beagleboard xm+Arduino+Ps3eye+MPU6050)

The goal of the project is to achieve robot self localization and update map

of the floor using ceiling vision and IMU data.


We tried our vision-inertial SLAM algorithm on several embedded platform, such as beagleboard xm(ti davinci cortex a8), cubieboard 1&2(sunxi A10/A20 dual-core), mixtile(samsung exynos 4412 quad-core).

Localization platform we used.

The robot parts of the system include 2 encoder motors, a mpu6050 imu, 5 IR sensors, and 2 arduinos.

Sensors of the robot

We will finished it at the end of the year.

3D reconstruction of UAV Images

Aiming to get a whole 3D model of Shenzhen university town, cooperate with HIT Shenzhen Graduate School, we use several low cost RC grade planes carrying GoPro Hero3/AEE cameras to get the 3D point clouds.


From UAV Image to 3D terrain reconstruction

OEM DJI F450 with Arducoptor & Skywalker X8 Wing with Ardupilot