Robot Vision Group

National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition

Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

3D Reconstruction in Mining Engineering

(Supported by Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation)



With rapid development of mining engineering, rapidly and efficiently measuring and monitoring of the terrain of the iron mine slope becomes a more and more important problem. Traditional slope measurement technology is a time-consuming work and difficult to be used in some complex situations.

In order to overcome these technical difficulties, we have an automatic 3D reconstruction system for mining companies. The system has the following characteristics:

  1. No special camera is required, and one can use a flexible digital single lens reflex camera with zoom lens.
  2. Neither calibration nor control points are needed beforehand.
  3. There is no restriction or special requirements for shooting.
  4. The reconstruction process is fully automatic.
  5. The system runs at about 30 images every 20 minutes at a laptop.
  6. The image based system can obtain comparable accuracy with laser scanner.

Some Results


Fig. 1 Image of an iron mine slope (left) and its 3D model (right)